YMCA of Greater Dayton - Join under our Corporate Membership Plan and we waive your Joiners Fee.  A savings of up to $100 off a membership!

As a leader in your company, you know that a healthy, happy and productive workforce is key to your success. Through Corporate Membership at the YMCA of Greater Dayton, employees can get fit, stay fit and save money—all while helping your company improve its fiscal fitness. All members are city-wide members with access to all YMCAs associated with the YMCA of Greater Dayton which includes locations in Montgomery, Preble, Green and Warren counties. Currently over 100 local companies take advantage of our corporate membership program.

More Corporate Membership Benefits

  • Your employees who join the YMCA will be more mentally alert, miss less work, and have a better self-image and sense of well-being than those individuals who do not participate in physical activities.
  • Your employees will also feel better about you, as their employer, for making the Corporate Membership program available.
  • Involves no cost to the company!

For more infomration please contact the Membership Director at your local YMCA for more information.

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