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$115 - YMCA Member
$150 - non-Member

Twice a week for 12 weeks!

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YMCA of Greater Dayton, Move 2 Lose Program, Lose Weight in Twelve Weeks with a Personal Trainer

The Move 2 Lose program will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

This program will allow you and two of your friends to workout two times per week for twelve weeks, in a small group, with a certified personal trainer.

In past five seasons of this program, over 2,500 participants have lost over 17,000 pounds. Some individuals lost over 30 pounds in just twelve weeks! 

During your sessions (24 total), you will experience a variety of exercises catered to your specific needs and abilities, as well as a variety of take home exercises, and online community support. Weekly newsletters highlighting nutrition and exercise will also be received by all participants.

At the conclusion of this season there will be a celebration for all of the participants in our association. The YMCAs in the Greater Dayton area have set a goal for 800 people to lose 10,000 lbs over these 12-weeks.

With your ddn_life_cover_02.07.2012.jpgparticipation you will not only reach your goal, but will help us reach ours.

Prizes will be awarded for branch winners as well as association winners.  

Check out the inspiring story of our own Gayle Horton - she lost 90 pounds on Move 2 Lose! 

Please note that each branch holds Move 2 Lose at different times, please contact your local Y branch's Health and Wellness Director for specific dates of upcoming sessions if your branch is not listed below.

South Y (Kettering)
Y At The Heights (Huber Heights)
Kleptz Y (Englewood)
Coffman Y (Springboro)
Preble County Y (Eaton)
West Carrollton Y
Trotwood NDC
Downtown Y (Dayton)
Fairborn Y

Move 2 Lose Testimonials from local YMCA participants -

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"When I started, my doctor had me on diabetic medication. After completing the program, I was removed from it! I thank my trainer and teammates for making me 'BRING IT' and starting my journey on this new lifestyle change." - Gregory from Downtown 

"I joined this program to get into better shape as opposed to losing weight. My trainer pushed us when we needed pushed and praised our progress along the way. Twelve weeks ago, I couldn't get my shoulder blades off the floor for sit-ups. Now, I can do FULL sit-ups - what a surprise! Thank you!" - Steve from Xenia

"I have lost weight and feel like a new person! I walk at least four miles each day and my diet has improved." - Diana from Fairborn

"Our trainer was SUCH a positive motivating force for me. She found advanced exercises for me and low impact ones for my teammates. I had so much fun!"  - Laura from Fairborn

"I love improvement. I am amazed when an exercise is too difficult for me, or I'm very slow at it, and after continuously trying I see myself improve. My first Move 2 Lose, a little over a year ago, I couldn't run up and down the stairs, run at all during the mile, or skip; now I can accomplish all of these tasks. This is amazing to me; probably even more amazing than all of the weight I've lost." - Cathie from West Carrollton

"Enjoyed it - I really learned a lot about proper training techniques. Teri was supportive and pushed us to our limits - I want to do it again!" - Corrine from Huber Heights

"I just finished season one of Move 2 Lose...lost 10+ inches. I learned that I can enjoy exercise outside of just going to the pool." - Terry from West Carrollton

"I learned different ways of moving in order to lose weight and inches. I feel better about myself as a result." - Mary from Preble County

pur_blue_move2lose_logo.jpg"My Move 2 Lose trainer exceeded every expectation I had. He was tough on me when he needed to be but also a comfort when I was being too hard on myself...I truly reached beyond my fitness goals." - Tambra from Coffman

"I have more energy and feel more positive about life and myself. I'm slowly regaining my self esteem back as I watch the weight fall off."
Angela from Trotwood NDC

"Everyone was so supportive of each other and not only encouraged each other, but developed new friendships. I have just enrolled in the new Move 2 Lose class and look forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle, meeting new challenges and new friends." - Bev from Preble County

"I not only lost weight, but my blood pressure also went down." Gayle from Xenia YMCA

"I lost 12 pounds and inches ALL OVER during the 12 week program. I'm on my way to a healthier lifestyle and Kim was a great trainer." -Ashley from Coffman YMCA

"Mandy was wonderful in getting me motivated to move and do things I never thought I could do! I've lost 25 pounds and I'm still going strong." - Debbie from Preble County YMCA

"This has been a great experience for me and motivation for me also. Have had a lot of fun and enjoyment even though Jillian at times would be killing me! The jokes, team effort, everybody pushing one another to finish. Hate to see it end, but I will continue with water aerobics and try the weight classes next." - Mary from West Carrollton

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