The YMCA of Greater Dayton is committed to using the 40 Developmental Assets to help kids achieve in life skills, school and building healthy relationships.

Boys3 girls3 teensWhat do children and teens need to succeed in school, in life, in work, as future parents and citizens? They need friendly neighborhoods, caring schools, supportive youth leaders and long-term relationships with adult role models. They need a community of people and places that send the same messages about the importance and value of youth. They need clear communication about boundaries and expectations, the development of a positive identity and a commitment to learning.

These elements are among the 40 developmental assets that Search Institute, an independent not-for-profit organization has identified as concrete, positive experiences and qualities essential to healthy youth development. The framework of developmental assets is grounded in extensive research on child and adolescent development, resiliency, health promotion, prevention, and public health. As this research shows, the more developmental assets children have, the less likely they are to engage in at-risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse and the more likely they are to develop positive traits, such as good self-esteem.

Together with the Search Institute, YMCAs throughout the United States have united to establish the Abundant Assets Alliance. The partnershipÂ’s goal is to realize the vision for all young people to have access to the developmental assets they need to succeed. The YMCA of Greater Dayton is committed to building the 40 developmental assets in our youth through programs and services specific to the needs of youth in our community.

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