Regional Training and Youth Fitness

reg_training_steve.jpgOur YMCA Youth Training Center continued to impact the heart health of children in our summer daycamp through promotion of the GetUp Montgomery 5-2-1-Almost None message.  One hundred and twenty one (121) urban children from both east and west Dayton, ages 5-12, were both pre and post tested with a 7-8 week period in-between.  The children participated in a fitness regimen combining 1 hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity 5 days a week, along with a meal plan including fewer pre-packaged foods and replacement of high-fat, high-sodium, low-nutrient food options with a goal of 4 fruits and vegetables a day.  The results clearly demonstrated improved heart health as an outcome of increased physical activity and healthy eating!

In 2010, the YMCA of Greater Dayton worked more intentionally than ever to demonstrate community impact by incorporating the GetUp Montgomery County “5-2-1-Almost None” prescription for Healthy Living into our programming.  Our mission for urban youth has been to use this widely-accepted formula as a prevention model in the fight against childhood obesity.

In addition, the program expanded access to swim lessons for children from families who are primarily non-swimmers.  Four hundred children were tested and placed into groups where they were exposed to water.  Each of the urban children using our Youth Training Center received a weekly swim lesson and an active water-play activity.  Children who had at least 6 weeks in the swim program experienced great progress. 

This year, our Y became a USA Swimming Foundation “Make-a-Splash” Partner, making us an eligible candidate for future grant funding through the foundation to provide free or low-cost swim lessons for economically disadvantaged children.

Outcomes childrensmedical.jpg

· 827 assessments on BMI’s, waist circumference, blood pressures and fitness tests for aerobic, strength and flexibility were taken and reviewed by Dayton Children’s Medical Center and Dayton Montgomery County Public Health.

· Of 250 urban children assessed, 58% decreased their waist circumference by the end of summer day camp, suggesting an improvement in their body composition.

· Of 400 children taking swim lessons, 50% started out in the “non swimmer” level and 34% of those progressed.

Funding partners included:

Physician’s Charitable, City of Trotwood, Sister’s of Precious Blood, Ohio Attorney General’s Office and Commission for Minority Health

Program partners included:

GetUp Montgomery County, Ohio State University Extension , Americorps, Miami Jacobs, United Theological Seminary, Public Health—Dayton & Montgomery County and Life Enrichment Center



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